Know Your VPS Hosting: SSD or HDD

jeremy / June 13, 2019

SSD VPS or Solid State Drive VPS hosting relies on electronic parts. Unlike the HDD VPS hosting which uses mechanical elements to store records, SSD uses electronic devices and not moving parts. In some ways, they are like USB drives. The main thing going in favor of SSD VPS hosting is that in the event of the supply of electricity being cut-off, the stored data still remains on the disk. You can say that the memory is non-volatile. During its initial days, SSD hosting was expensive in comparison to the traditional HDD powered one. Over a period, both the kinds of hosting are now at par when it comes to pricing.

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using SSD hosting.

  1. Fast speed

SSD VPS hosting means your website loads very fast. This has gone to do with the technology at play. In SSD –driven sites, data is loaded very quickly, almost instantaneously. In the earlier days, many websites were powered by HDDs which were circular disks rotating slowly inside the machine.

An HDD powered website takes 15-20 milliseconds to load while SDDs take 0.2-0.5 milliseconds so that you can judge the vast difference between the two.

When data loads quickly and is accessed too rapidly, then it is good news for your website. Google and other search engines reportedly rank those sites higher which have short loading times.

  1. Mechanical failures

Since HDD is a physical device, it is prone to mechanical failures. This device rotates and has several moving body parts. Over a period, these parts corrode or wither away leading to your site slowing down considerably. SSD powered VPS web hosting does not suffer from this disadvantage. If your site is still using the old, primitive HDD hosting, ask your partner to change over to the SSD one.

  1. Faster execution

If you are running a website that has lots of data, then it is time to switch over to SSD VPS hosting. Data is read and processed very quickly, and website requests are handled almost instantaneously. This advantage is not present in HDD powered hosting. Faster processing of multiple requests prevents websites from possible bottlenecks.

  1. Less power and environment-friendly

When you use SSD VPS hosting, you consume almost 80% less power in comparison to HDD hosting. This means that in the long run, you are leaving less carbon footprint on the planet.

  1. Little or no data fragmentation

Improve your site performance by switching over to SSD powered VPS Hosting. Unlike in HDDs, your data is located very quickly and later served to the user. Customer experience, therefore, is significantly impacted by SSD hosting.

  1. Price advantage

Though SSDs are still more expensive than HDDs, the price gap is reducing almost daily. This has got to do with improvement in technology and more websites using the former kind of VPS hosting. Experts predict that very shortly, both forms of hosting will be similarly priced and eventually, SSD hosting will turn out to be cheaper.

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