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Why should you use SEO services?

jeremy / May 23, 2018

Despite many myths floating around, SEO is here to stay. And here’s why:

It still works: The most important aspect is that the techniques used in SEO are still relevant and will continue to be and work for a very long time. This is despite the fact that the data regarding organic traffic from Google was pulled until recently, the SEO techniques still remain sound. Post Hummingbird, many case studies can verify the same. As long as you are focusing on optimizing user experience with your SEO strategies, you will definitely be rewarded with organic traffic.

It is still relevant: There are different ways in which people search for keywords on the search engines. The format may have changed but the SEO strategies remain the same and will be so in the foreseeable future. More so, even video and audio searches depend on keywords in the same way as text-based content does. This proves that SEO techniques are far from being dead.

Long term solution: SEO services are not a short term goal. Businesses see results over the course of a period when it comes to SEO strategies. Also, as compared to other forms of online marketing strategies such as PPC, social media marketing, etc., SEO provides fairly good return on investment, and hence, it remains a bedrock of your continued online presence.

Search engines importance: Many customers check online reviews now before buying any product or service online and this is only expected to increase as more and more people have now access to the internet. So, if you want people to look up your business online, stopping SEO services should be the last thing on your mind. Without organic SEO in place, your customers will have a difficult time looking you up and may end up with your competitors.

Rise of Local SEO: As the world gets smaller, the search results also get localized. Furthermore, the amount of traffic derived from mobile phones is only going to increase as more and more people are using their smartphones to find relevant information. With these changes, there is a whole world of opportunities in terms of Local SEO and new SEO techniques for mobile devices. SEO techniques have to factor in local search optimisation for local search results to better serve the customers.

Investing in organic SEO makes sense and is an important strategy of your online presence. Hire a well-reputed SEO agency in London to get the lead on your rankings and traffic and see the results in your favour over a period of time.

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