Why Should You Choose a Dedicated Server Solution for Your Online Business?

jeremy / May 18, 2017

If you own a small business website, or a personal blog, a dedicated server solution isn’t going to be a viable option. However, if you run an e-commerce store and it’s growing daily, you’re going to need more resources and a better performing site to handle more consumers. A dedicated server solution isn’t for everyone, but it should be strongly considered by any online store that’s growing rapidly. Here are a few reasons

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You Get Your Own Resources

When your e-commerce store is based on a shared hosting account, you are already based on a dedicated server. However, you’ll be on that dedicated server with hundreds of other web hosting customers, which means you only have access to resources that are available at the time. This isn’t a problem usually because you’ll get your set quota of disk space, and you’ll also get monthly data transfer.

The main problem with shared hosting packages is that if any other customer on the dedicated server abuses their website and takes advantage of physical server resources, your website could end up with temporary downtime, which isn’t what any of your consumers want to see. Renting a dedicated server puts you in full control of all resources so you can guarantee it’s not going to be in someone else’s hands if your site goes down.

Having your own dedicated server also makes keeping the site online a lot easier. Since there are no other websites on the same physical server, you don’t have to worry about disturbances and downtime caused by other web hosting customers. On top of that, you also don’t need to worry about maintenance schedules. It is a dedicated server and you can – most of the time – schedule your own updates and upgrades. The fact that most hosting companies place their dedicated servers on the most reliable backbone internet connections also makes maintaining a reliable server a lot easier.

Better Performance

As mentioned above, if another customer ruins their experience, they are likely to ruin everyone else’s, but by renting your own dedicated server you’ll find your website’s loading times decrease so your consumers are faced with a much better experience that’s quicker and more secure. You only have to navigate Casino Netbet to see how quickly pages load up when a site is based on its own dedicated server.

I can’t stress enough how important page loading time is in today’s internet landscape. Page speed influences user experience greatly. The attention span of most internet visitors is now around seven to eight seconds, so having a site that loads slower than that can be catastrophic to the future of your business. With a dedicated server, you can choose to have the right amount of server resources for optimum performance and maximum cost-efficiency.

Another great advantage of having a fast, better-performing site is better search engine rankings. Yes, Google and other search engines actually rate your site’s user experience – including the page loading time – when ranking search results. Better user experience means better SEO performance, making the investment on a dedicated server that much more valuable.

You Get a Unique IP Address

Many web hosting providers can provide unique IP addresses for shared hosting users but that comes at a higher cost. You get your own unique IP address when renting your own server and you’ll also have access to additional IPs for free if you have numerous businesses. If you share the same IP with a website that has a bad search engine presence, that could ultimately have a negative impact on your site because you’re basically connected with theirs.

A unique IP address is necessary in some cases. When you use an enterprise payment gateway solution, the payment processing company will only connect to a single registered IP. Unless you have an IP address that you use exclusively, you may not be able to provide customers with the payment options they are comfortable with the most.

Even when you process payments through third-party gateways, having a dedicated IP means you can keep customers on your server instead of forwarding them to the payment processing company’s server. This gives you more control and will allow you to fine-tune every part of the checkout process for maximum user experience.

More Control Over Security

Aside from user experience, security is an aspect that users pay attention to the most when making purchases online. While there are several shared hosting services that support SSL security, the only way you can use a verified SSL certificate is by having your own IP address and server. A verified SSL certificate offers the highest assurance to customers. The certificate doesn’t just verify your server, but also your business or brand as an entity. You can see this type of SSL certificate, also known as Organization Validation (OV) certificate or Extended Validation (EV) certificate, being used by the most successful online businesses on the market today.

Speaking about security, running your website using a dedicated server also means you can configure the server for maximum protection. You can close unused ports, update the operating system and programming frameworks more regularly, and even install a server security suite of your choice. You also have the option to use the best server security service if you want experts safeguarding your online storefront.

Flexible Server Management

One of the great benefits of renting your own dedicated server is that you’ll have full control over the features and applications it has available. If your e-commerce site runs on a CMS that requires the latest PHP version to work, you can easily update it yourself or get one of the staff members that manages the server to update it for you. Many providers provide managed dedicated server solutions so if there are any problems they will promptly resolve them.

Even if your e-commerce website has many visitors and uses a lot of resources, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a dedicated server for your requirements, as a lot of web hosting providers still have decent sized shared hosting packages available. However, if you’re looking to take your e-commerce store seriously and you’re looking to provide better performance and security to your consumers, a dedicated server solution should always be the preferred option.

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