Top five benefits of employing IT contractors

jeremy / November 23, 2018

There is little doubt that technology plays a key role in the modern business world. With four out of five UK businesses having an online presence and ways of working such as cloud computing becoming more common, tech is a major driver behind the UK business sector. What this means for businesses in the UK is that management of their IT systems is key. As well as looking after the IT infrastructure currently in place, IT staff are key to businesses in terms of making network improvements, developing new IT solutions, and installing new software.

Why is this so key?

IT enables UK business to function

Without staff to manage the technology and networks that your business relies on, you simply would not be able to operate. So much of what business does now is through IT, from working on networked computers to sending emails, engaging in conference calls, or customers using your website to interact with you.

This makes your IT staff absolutely essential to your business success. While this is fairly obvious to most, what you may not know is that using IT contractors rather than permanent in-house staff can bring many benefits.

Why use independent IT contractors?

If you do not currently use independent contractors within your IT team, then you should definitely consider it. Here are some fabulous reasons why it makes perfect business sense:

  • Flexible approach to staffing the first amazing thing about using IT contractors is the flexibility that they bring to your company. Using IT contractors only when you need them gives much more freedom to your staffing levels and much more flexibility in controlling them. This is also fantastic for being able to take on one-off projects or short notice jobs. When this happens, hiring an IT contractor is a fast and simple way to get the extra resources you need to complete the work.

  • Cost savings of course, the other great thing about having a more flexible approach through contracting is the money you will save. The big expense for most businesses in the UK is what they pay out on monthly salaries to permanent staff. As you only use and pay IT contractors when you need them, this cuts down greatly on the amount you spend. When you factor in that you do not have to pay for sick leave or provide an annual leave entitlement, the cost savings are clear.

  • Allow for skill gaps to be resolved there is no doubt that IT is a fast-changing sector with new developments each day. The issue for some businesses can be their in-house IT staff keeping up with all these changes on top of their daily work! By using IT contractors, you can easily fill in any skill gaps in your workforce and gain access to specialist skills for unusual projects.

  • Free up in-house staff – IT is a wide-ranging sector and can often be used to help with strategic planning or bespoke help in niche projects. Using IT contractors makes perfect sense for this as they will have the time to focus fully on the task at hand. This will free up in-house staff from this extra responsibility and allow them to focus on their important core roles within the business instead.

  • No PAYE or NI admin when it comes to using an IT contractor, this is one big benefit for most businesses. Independent contractors do not need to have their PAYE or NI contributions calculated or processed by your company. They would instead deal with this themselves once they’re paid for their work. This naturally saves your business the hassle and time of having to do it.

Consider using an umbrella company

When hiring independent IT contractors, using an umbrella company is wise. These companies help to manage any contractors you use and make sure that they are compliant with HMRC. Being fully PAYE and NI compliant is very important for any contractors you use – an umbrella company is a simple way to make sure that this happens. Many will also take on the burden of employment liability in this area to give you extra peace of mind. They also provide a third party to speak to if you have any issues or queries with an IT contractor you have used who is registered with them.

IT contracting is a smart option

If you have just had a big one-off project that your in-house team are too busy to handle or do not have the skills for, then IT contractors are your secret weapon. They can solve a whole host of business problems like this while saving you money and ensuring that you always have the latest skills to call on when needed.

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