Top 5 Tips for Mobile SEO

jeremy / May 4, 2017

Unless you’re paying attention to the mobile market, you’re not serious about SEO (search engine optimization). It’s that simple. According to a 2015 report conducted by SimilarWeb, 56 percent of internet consumer traffic was of the mobile variety. Few businesses can afford to ignore such a massive chunk of potential profit. The bottom line is that you need to understand and implement mobile SEO if you want your business to survive. It’s that simple. We’re not going to teach you the world of SEO as related to mobile devices in a single article but here are five tips to start with.

1. Got Psychology? A mobile searcher goes about the task slightly differently than someone using a desktop or laptop. For instance, they use shorter phrases, which isn’t a big surprise since the keyboard is considerably smaller. Also, mobile searches are predominantly local in nature and tend to accept Google’s autocorrect feature more often. This is critical intel. Old school SEO best practices suggested to go after long tail keywords, which is still a good idea. Just be sure you add the shorter tail keywords into the mix also. And don’t neglect to tune your website for local phrases like – for example – “Atlanta tuna fish sandwiches.”

2. Keep Social Media Buttons Visible. The reality is that a great many of us are tuned into our social media all the time, receiving alerts and notifications from our favorite handful of social media platforms in a constant stream. Keep this in mind when you’re building your website’s mobile responsiveness. Social media buttons should be visible on every page, making it easy for a visitor to interact with you or share the page with others. Social media is not a fad. The popular websites may change but the idea is here to stay.

3. Don’t squish it to Fit Smart internet entrepreneurs realize that it’s not enough to tweak your old website until it looks okay on a mobile device. If you haven’t done so yet, undertake a floor to ceiling redesign of the website that makes looking good on mobile a top priority. This is such an important concept to get in your head. The internet is no longer built for desktop access. People simply don’t get their information that way anymore. To put it another way, you’ve got to drop your line where the fish are swimming. If your website doesn’t look good on mobile devices, they will simply go elsewhere.

4. Put it on a Subdomain. For those who don’t wish to undertake a complete redesign of their website, here is an alternative, and one that is used by lots of big companies. Create a subdomain with an URL of (where “yourdomain” is, well, your domain). On this subdomain you put your entire mobile website. If it’s designed correctly, the website itself will detect if a visitor is using a mobile device and serve up the appropriate version. Depending upon how “techie” you are, this might be a job for a real webmaster.

5. Consider WordPress Word Press isn’t just for blogging anymore. These days, you can build out a website using Word Press that looks great on any device. Once you open an account, go into the theme area and browse for a while. Look for a feature called “responsive” or “responsiveness,” which is just a way to say it is pre-tuned for the mobile crowd. Anything you create is already preconfigured to look good no matter what device the visitor is viewing it on. Even better, Google loves word Press, so you automatically give your mobile SEO a boost just by choosing it.

The real point here is that mobile SEO is not something to do when you get around to it. Website owners who neglect to get in front of this issue may find that they can never catch up with competitors who do. Don’t try to learn everything there is to know in a day. Pick out a few changes, or even one, and implement it. Then do another one. If you do nothing else, you should create a subdomain and should start designing a mobile version of your website to occupy that space. A final tip. Studies show that the majority of mobile users are in entertainment mode when they’re on such a device. Where possible, tweak your content accordingly.

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