Moving WordPress Blog To Another Host

Eldin / July 9, 2014

Moving WordPress blog is very easy.

First of all, I would suggest to you disabling all plugins.

1. Than go to managewp.com and sign up there. Here is sign up link:


After you registered, you need to add website. On left side under Websites select Add your first website.

2. Than you will see a small box where you need to write your blog’s URL and admin username.

Click Add site and now you should be asked to install ManageWP Worker plugin. Install plugin and don’t forget to activate it. Than go back to page and click Add site again.


3. Hover your WordPress’ blog domain name and click Backup Now.

You should see small window like this one pop ups:


Wait few seconds and your backup should be ready and saved in .zip file which you need to download.

Download backup and upload it to FTP where your new website should be located. You might need update nameservers if you are changing hosting company so you need to wait 24-48 hours for DNS to propagate. After that, you might upload backup file.

For example if you are using GoDaddy this how it should updating nameservers look like:

4. You need to go to managewp.com again, login and remove your website from list.

After you have removed it from the list, connect to FTP of your new hosting and upload wordpress files and make a wordpress database, as you would do when starting brand new blog. Or you can do it even faster if you install WordPress from cPanel using Fantastico tools.

Now, go to managewp.com and add again your wordpress blog as in 1st step and install ManageWP Worker plugin again.

5. Now go to Tools > Install or Clone WordPress:

And write there link to your backup. As I said 3rd step, you need to upload backup on FTP server of your new hosting.

In my case, my backup file is located at http://webmagz.net/backup.zip

Select that you accept overwriting of existing website. Wait a minute or two and your website should be restored!

Also this video might help you understand whole process better:


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