iPage, GoDaddy and Namecheap hosting reviews

jeremy / February 21, 2015

So far I had experience with those 3 hosting companies: iPage, GoDaddy and Namecheap (

I personally prefer Reasons are many but I mostly like Namecheap because of affordable price, quality service and great support. See pricing here:

I totally dislike this hosting company. They claim they are hosting since 1998 but their company wasn’t online – up and working, by some resources, till 2008.

That’s red flag already.

Anyways, first time I tried their hosting was 2 years ago when they released coupon – 1$ for 12 months of hosting.

I was like – cool, hosting for whole year for only 1$.

I had to order a domain, so I could purchase hosting service. I bought .info domain but surprisingly – .info domain costs 12$.

That’s another big – no no.

Well it still was fine since I got 1 year hosting for 13$ only. But there is a catch.

You have to pay with credit card and they are automatically recharging you without your knowledge. Be careful with their hidden fees if you sign up for this hosting and make sure that automatic renewing domains and hosting is turned off (You will be asked million times are you sure do you want to turn automatic renewing off and they will offer to you some special offers – just for you). Luckily I turned mine off on time before they charged me for something I don’t want to be charged.

Plus, they are often experiencing downtime with their servers.

So basically they are offering:

  • not so well uptime
  • hidden fees (be careful about this one)
  • online chat support (which is good feature)

GoDaddy is probably most popular one among web hosters. I think that their hosting is good and quality but some things bothers me. Price, limited amount of MySQL databases and from time to time they are doing some check ups on accounts and they lock up your account without good reason. To unlock account you need to send screenshot of your ID card.

Price for web host is quite high and their coupon offers for new webmasters who are just staring is good, but later you hardly can use any coupon if you don’t have credit card and they aren’t accepting unverified PayPal.

Their uptime is fine and their control panel is okay. You can do pretty much anything you need to do and setup.

So all in all:

  • Uptime is fine
  • Price a bit high
  • Coupons are good for webmasters who are just starting

Personally I prefer this hosting company and I’m very happy with it. However since I’m honest, here are some facts that I don’t like:

  • Coupons aren’t that good comparing to GoDaddy – you hardly will find coupon 1$ for domain or something like that
  • Price could be a bit lower but it’s okay

But here are facts I like:

  • Accepting unverified PayPal
  • Support is great (I think that GoDaddy don’t have online chat support, only support forum)
  • Uptime is fine

In my opinion, is way to go.

I hope you will find this review useful for you! Which hosting company you prefer?

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