Ideas On Getting YouTube Subscribers

jeremy / February 13, 2015

YouTube subscribers are great way to promote your videos, get more views and even monetize those (if you get accepted in YouTube partnership of course) – every serious YouTube video broadcaster is looking on ideas how to get more subscribers on this very very popular website (YouTube is practically search engine for videos)

Here are couple methods on how to get more YouTube subs.

1. Upload quality videos

This is the key. Nobody is gonna subscribe if your videos aren’t worth even clicking Subscribe button. For most YouTubers, subscribe = thanks

So basically, viewers are saying thanks to you by subscribing to your YouTube channel. If you have quality videos (doesn’t matter funny or informative) you’ll gain subscribers – slowly but steady. Just upload quality videos. Sometimes I get even subscribers from those videos where I didn’t even ask for users to subscribe to my channel. People just love to subscribe when they see something good.


2. Use annotations

Another great way to gain subscribers is to ask them – directly. You can use annotations to get subscribers even easier.

Those annotations will be placed on video and you can edit or remove an annotation any time you want.


3. Initiate viewers to subscribe


It’s always good remind potential subscribers to subscribe into your channel. You can ask them in description to subscribe or in last couple seconds of video add image Subscribe to my channel or something like that.

Also you you could make in PhotoShop arrow pointing to subscribe button and include it in your video as ending part.

4. Give to your viewers reason why they should subscribe

You should tell to potential subscribers reason why they should subscribe. Whether you are video blogger or you are uploading funny videos – tell them reason why they should subscribe. Tell them they are going to see more and more such videos and they should expect more from you.


5. Get in touch

Get in touch with your readers and inbox them. Or you can even leave them public message and ask them to subscribe.


6. Invite them to your Facebook page or Twitter
You should make Facebook page or Twitter account and invite viewers to follow you on social networks too. On that way they will get updated – maybe they don’t have Google account but they got Twitter or Facebook account.

7. Exchange subs

You can subscribe to other people channels and they will subscribe back to you.

You can do that using services such us:





8. Comment on videos and leave responses

You should comment on videos related to your niche and leave video responses as well. On that way you will easier spread the word out and automatically gain viewers and subscribers as well.

9. Make friends

You can also add people to be your friend at YouTube. On that way you will get some attention and friends are most likely going to subscribe to your channel.


10. Focus on views as well

Focus on views too. Try to get more views and automatically you will gain more subscribers. Make sure that your video’s thumbnail is catchy and attractive. On that way you will gain more attention and views in general. You ca

Post on forums, Facebook pages, twitter account, yahoo answers (but don’t abuse it) and other services as well, to get the word heard (or watched actually). Likewise, you can use YouTube viewer bot to gain some views very fast but I wouldn’t go into details, such software are often used to abuse system and gain a lot of views – but if used smartly such tool might help you get started until your video starts going viral.

Good luck!

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