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How to Keep Your Blog Full of Fresh, Quality Content

jeremy / August 5, 2015

Getting started with blogging is fairly easy, and at the start you are usually full of great ideas. It can almost feel like you can’t write posts fast enough to keep up with all the ideas you have flowing. However, when your blog is up and running and you are committed to keeping it full of useful content, it can start to become difficult. Maybe you will have periods where you feel like there just isn’t time to blog, or where you’re struck by the dreaded writer’s block and can’t come up with a single good idea for content.


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This needn’t be the start of the decline of the blog you worked so hard to start – it happens to most bloggers, and with a few good strategies, you can deal with these times and easily keep your blog interesting and full of new content:

Keep a Rolling List of Content Ideas

In order to be able to create articles even when you are busy or short of ideas, it really pays to have a list of ideas that are not too hard to write, and not to seasonal, that you can fall back on when you need them. Start a list now with all of the posts you thought you’d like to write but haven’t got round to yet, and then keep adding to it when inspiration strikes. When you need to make a post quickly, just choose one from the list and write it – just make sure your rolling list never runs dry! You can find some good ideas for posts to add to your list by doing some keyword research around your niche. Specialists like this Sioux Falls SEO company use powerful keyword strategies to boost SEO, but you can also use the things your potential visitors are searching for to help you think of stuff to write about!

Get Help!

Whatever you write about on your blog, you will probably run into people, either from your ‘real life’ or on the web, who could make good contributions. Many aspiring writers will happily write for other people’s blogs for a byline and a link to their own blog, so leverage these opportunities to get guest posters in who can help you grow even more content, without having to write everything yourself.

Consider Paying for Content

Professionally written content can be very affordable, and there are lots of companies or freelance writers who will be able to write about subjects you choose, with full research – even if you have a very obscure niche. Buying a set of posts can give you content you can schedule to release on the blog over time, leaving you free to do other things. This can be a good plan if you know you have a busy time or a vacation coming up.

Fresh, interesting and well written content is a must for a good blog, so don’t let yours begin to suffer when you are out of ideas or too busy to write!

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