How to Get the Most Out of The Cloud

jeremy / August 20, 2020

With the growing adoption of cloud technology in the workplace, businesses everywhere are getting turned on to the many advantages that the cloud permits. But, at the risk of new technology being over-hyped, just exactly how can you get the most out of the cloud and what can it do to help streamline and grow your business? And how can you make sure you are only paying for cloud services that you are using such as EC2 pricing.

Unsure of what to make of this new technology, a lot of people simply returned back to their trusty Dell and continued on with their lives after it was introduced to the world in the early 2000’s. Now, more than a decade later, the cloud is here to stay. Here’s what you should do to capitalise on it.


Doing your homework to get to know what cloud service providers are out there and what each offers is pretty fundamental when it comes to bettering your business. The first step is to identify what kind of services you’d want to move to the cloud, as, depending on your business, it might prove impractical to move all your accounting systems and software right away. Secondarily, you’ll want to think about reliability, control and integration. Migrating your current set-up over is going to take time, so you’ll want to make sure the service you go with is flexible enough to allow you to work out the initial kinks.

A few final things to think about include the fact that moving over to the cloud is going to introduce new support and billing systems that perhaps you’d not thought about before. That, coupled with the fact that you won’t want managing the cloud to complicate the responsibilities of your current IT team, pose important questions when thinking about which cloud option to choose.

Future Assurance

Although the cloud should really help you solve existing problems you should also keep one eye on the future too. Any successful cloud strategy should be flexible enough to evolve to your changing needs and goals.

To get the most of the cloud it’s a good idea to create a strategic plan that is built around goal-setting and objective-planning so that you can help determine your future IT-related requirements. With this clear and established you can consider cloud providers that allow for future expansion.


Security set backs can be costly for a number of reasons, jeopardising not only your business but potentially your customers too. Looking past the cost of cloud solutions then, is important when it comes to being able to better protect your data. If a higher priced service can promise inscrutable security measures it’s going to be hugely advantageous to your business.

Taking the time to look into the security measures of potential providers can really help you come to a decision. Go deep into the details where possible and stick with companies with good reputations.

Businesses can get a lot of the cloud if they make some careful considerations at to how to use it. Hopefully these pointers can help put you on the right track.

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