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How To Get Google Index Your Website

jeremy / January 6, 2015

You made a website and now you want to get it added to Google SERP(Search Engine Results Page)?Google is most popular search engine and you could gain a lot of traffic especially if your content is unique and good. Google loves quality content and if you have something interesting and quality to offer – be ready for people to flow in.

A couple of ways how to get your website on Google

1. Ask Google to add it using link below

Using link from above you can add manually link to Google. You might wait a couple of days to get it indexed but if your website isn’t worth indexing, most likely it won’t even be indexing. And by the way, you need to be logged in Google accounts to be able to add link using that link. But you can still use some other ways I’ll show you below.

2. Post on forums/discussion boards

You could join some forums and link to your website from there. Just don’t spam. It’s best to look for forums that are accepting website reviews. You can ask there to get your website reviewed and in same time you should get a backlink.

I’ll help you with this list of forums that might help you get your site on Google:

Ask for review and in same time get backlink.

3. Comment on blogs

Commenting on blogs is another way to get your site noticed by Google. For example here is list of blogs you may comment on:

I’d suggest you leaving comments on blog niches similar to yours and I’d suggest you to leave comments on a couple of blogs so you can raise a chance of getting indexed. Leave quality and contributing comments. And even leave comment on this blog and if is comment good enough, I’ll approved which hopefully should help your website get indexed.

4. Make a twitter account or Facebook fan page

Make a twitter account and gain followers. As you gain followers your account will be of more importance and it will raise chance of getting indexed by Google.

Same goes for Facebook fan page. Add link to your website in description and then try to get likes on your page.

5. Stumble your website is social bookmarking website. Download toolbar for your browser from their homepage, install and then stumble your own website.


  • Give it time. Your website might not be indexed. Sometimes it could take up to a week to get your website added to Google.
  • Keep your content good, quality and long. Google won’t index your website if is there nothing worth to be indexed.
  • Use combination of methods from above and keep promoting your website steady. I’d suggest keeping your focus on getting Twitter followers and Facebook likes.
  • To check if your website is indexed type in Google “” for example:
  • Your website may be indexed but it may not rank for keyword you want until your website is considered by Google as quality enough to rank for certain keyword.
  • Use Google WT to check how is your website performing when it comes to SEO.

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