How to Build Ticket Booking and Selling App

jeremy / September 22, 2019

Are you curious about creating a system to book tickets online? Most likely we’d like to make some profit off it too, right? Allow us to share with you some hints & tips to design a wanted tickets booking and selling program.

In the first place, we’re to explore such an issue.

Who could profit from making a ticket booking platform?

We’d distinguish below two key entities which might be pretty interested in building such solutions:

  • Mediators providing various corporations with platforms to sell tickets for the activities, and customers are happy to purchase them;
  • Companies looking for another channel to keep in touch with their target demographics to offer their services in an efficient way. Say, a cinema might make a ticket booking application to increase its sales volumes.

Nowadays, there exist lots of diverse event booking platforms. Since they’re your future rivals – if you want to create a program of mentioned type – you have to learn them. Would you like to see how they attract users? You could learn something very useful from that experience.

We thought it would be great to explore one of such services in our article. Here it comes.


While having certain intentions to build an online booking ticket system, you better take a good look at this one, cos it’s among biggest leaders at the market you’re planning to enter.

StubHub represents an in-demand mobile instrument for ticket bookings to attend divergent events. Whatever activity users would like to enjoy – concerts and theaters, or sports – StubHub will help them in finding the passes.

StubHub is well spread around the globe. Covering over 40 countries, the service respects the safety and maintains a high protection level for customers to carry out operations in a safe way. The platform knows how to figure out users’ locations to provide them with relevant options.

When users get tickets and have their plans changed, they’re happy to re-sell those tickets (even the last minute) to users who’re desperate about attending the activity. Everyone is satisfied.

StubHub solution has interactive seat maps together with VR viewing. In other words, the service is truly decent.

Now we shall discuss compulsory functionalities that your event pass booking program shall have. Interested?

Tickets booking and selling platforms must-have features

We’ve decided that it makes more sense to divide all functionalities into two categories – one package for ticket buyers, and another one for ticket sellers. Let’s see how such an approach has worked out.

Functionalities for buyers

Below you can see the list of parameters which ticket purchasers will surely enjoy applying a ticket booking platform.

# The account

Accounts shall comprise all required data on clients. Are you making a train (or plane) booking tickets solution? Passport information shall be there as well. Don’t forget to take care of two key issues here:

  • proper data security;
  • social networks involvement – for making the registry procedures fast and easy, as well as for sharing some details with relatives or friends, when needed.

# Geolocation

That’s definitely a must-have for your app. Possibilities to identify your audience’s locations will come in handy, since you’ll be able to give your users the list of close-by activities, which people will appreciate, making two parties happy.

# Searching

Obviously, it’s pointless to create a ticket booking system having no ticket searching possibilities. What could improve such a feature? Various filters together with diverse searching parameters will surely make your customers enjoy the service even more. Think of filters by categories, locations, etc… be creative.

# Full schedule of activities

Regarding airplane & train tickets, your solution should present the full listing of train timetables and plane flights. And, again, different searchings and filtering will only fasten and facilitate the process for customers.

# Events’ description

Simply selling tickets isn’t enough for a service to be sought-after. Customers want more. People need to tap the screen to see every single detail on that activity, say, location or time, plane departure timing (if that’s the case), events’ running time, etc.

# Pass booking

For sure, your platform won’t make it without such an option. It’s pretty simple – people determine a specific event to attend, they tap the screen to confirm the choice moving to the following screen which could be…

# The payment

Consider installing multiple payment gateways, cos users like when they have a choice. We’ve mentioned that earlier, but still, keep an eye on data security. It’s critical. Your audience has to feel safe conducting money transactions via your application.

# Managing tickets

After having obtained a pass, users will need to perform some actions with it, for instance, printing, downloading PDF versions, sending by email, even selling, if plans have changed. There could be more options to meet customers’ needs.

# Checking the venues

Lots of existing booking programs give customers the chance to preview the venues prior to the booking. People can check out the facility of the event. In some special cases, users can enjoy VR touring, as well as 3D viewing. That’s pretty thoughtful, it’s highly appreciated by their audience.

# The ratings

Customers’ feedback is crucial for service owners to understand what aspects of their brainchild has to be improved. Be thankful to your users for such a tool. Today continuous improvements are more essential than ever.

# Discovering

We do realize that stuffing an m-service with the Discovery function is almost impossible to ensure its proper operation. It isn’t what we meant. We’re actually referring to offering customers tickets to certain activities which they’ll like, hopefully. Analyze users’ history and check their previous choices to figure out what they could enjoy.

# Chats

Communication channels are essential. It’s for you to be closer to the audience with the ability to respond to their requests fast. That’s the key to meet their expectations, thus, to increase their loyalty.

# Notifications

That would be a practical instrument for informing your customers about the latest news. People would appreciate getting certain updates on the event they’re interested in. Why not please your clients offering them some special discounts? It’s all about notifications, so you could really enjoy the mentioned tools.

Do you still remember that we’ve decided to present to you two different sets of functionalities? It is time to proceed to the second kit.

Functionalities for sellers

Let’s see what features are critical for people who sell event tickets.

  • Company page – such page of business shall provide various info on the company. It’s a great tool for promotion. Why not take such an opportunity to self-advertise your business?
  • Managing events – sellers need access to update events, adjusting some details, like place or time in case of any changes.
  • Chats – two-way communication is a must.
  • Notifications – we’ve already mentioned why it’s vital for users to receive some updates. The same necessity goes to companies to send such notifications keeping their audience posted.
  • Money operations – the guarantee to carry them out in a safe way.
  • Managing content – make sure firms (no matter, small or large) can easily perform any necessary actions with the app content.

We’re sure you’ll make it work in the best possible way, so your ticket booking and selling app will rock.


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