Why Google Plus Sucks (aka Review)

Eldin / November 29, 2014

Well, I really wish that Google Plus is better than Facebook but simply Google sucks at making social networks and here is a couple of reason why is Google Plus so bad(or just call it a review):

Google Plus Review

1. Domain name

People don’t want to type in their browser plus.google.com or go to gmail, login and than navigate to Google Plus.

They should separate Plus from Google. Gplus.com or something like that would be a way better, no doubt. Using sub-domain it looks like Google don’t have 10$ for a domain name. Maybe they are waiting for Godaddy to release some good coupon?

2. It’s empty

It’s empty, bank, void, cored. Simply no people and everyone is at Facebook:

Person A: Hey, do you have Google Plus?

Person B: No, but you can find me at Facebook.

Nowadays, everybody got Facebook account (at least one account) and most people which uses Google at all are actually users of Google Mail only. There is a running joke:

Google Plus is used by Google’s employees and by Google fans.


3. No applications nor games

People want to spend time on something interesting and catchy. No games, no apps – no people. I think one of reasons why Facebook succeed is Texas Hold’em Poker, Farmville (Oh, well…) and such games. No apps – What’s your favorite color or something like that.

4. No pages

As far as I know, you can’t make fan or business pages to promote your business or to upload funny pics on fan pages. People who never made blog or website, made a tons of pages on Facebook and they use them widely.

5. Hey, I +1’d your pic

That would be really silly to hear from someone telling to you. People like to use like when they like something. Nobody wants to use +1, it’s more like voting system and somehow its nerdy. People simply spend their time liking each other photos, liking statuses, liking songs and whatever that comes on their front pages and even word like is magnet for such actions. Nobody wants to give +1, but everybody likes to like. It’s easier to say – Hey I liked your new profile photo, instead – Hey, I plus one’d your photo. Especially for those from non-english speaking scopes. Google Plus One is simply stupid.

6. No chat

Not having chat is real problem. If you want to contact someone, you gotta send him email. Well, I’d rather text than sending emails like – Hi, what’s up?

Ups, it seems that Google included some kind of chat, but that’s still incomparable to Facebook online chatting.

 7. Design

Design is simple, white but in same time too complicated. I don’t know why, it’s hard to explain but take a look on this screenshot:

Somehow, it’s too much white, too much elegant and too much pro-look.


8. Nothing new and nothing unique

I think that Google Plus isn’t unique as it’s supposed to be and Google simply (if they want to make some success) should make something unique and better.

Conclusion about Google Plus

Not bad, but not something special either.

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