Facebook vs Google+ Comparision

jeremy / March 27, 2015

I already wrote post on how and why Google Plus sucks but Google+ got some really interesting features which might mark this social network as serious and alluring, especially for web designers, photographers and tech-savvy people in general. So here is Faceook and Google+ comparision by statistics I found online.

Number of users

Number of users is making great influence on potential social networkers and everybody is joining web sites where their crowd already is. It’s true that Google+ got significant number of users but that’s still not enough for many to use Google+ as their main social network site.


As you can see, Facebook got 901 000 000 users and Google 250 000 000. That’s much but still nothing compared to number of users Facebook have.

Number of girls (females)

Maybe stupid comparison but nobody wants social network without girls, right?

So, by some resources I found online, 10% of users are female on Google+, but Facebook got even 42% female users of their total number of users.

Average number of minutes users spend online

This is statistic that Google Plus highly dislike (as many other statistic aren’t in favor of G+).

Average user spend about 450 minutes on Facebook but only 3 minutes on Google Plus per month. It seems that people sign up to Google Plus just to check it out and never come back again.

Google Plus: No fake names

Google Plus proven they are serious social network. You can’t use fake names and nicknames such as Sweety or Cutie. Facebook is implementing something similar but it seems that Google Plus is more stricter about it, at least for now.

However Google Plus allows pseudonyms.

But not any pseudonym will pass muster. Google will allow nicknames, maiden names and pseudonyms if the person can prove to Google that he or she is known by that name elsewhere, in published material or on other social networks.

“We want to build a product that is for humanity at large, and we recognize people have many notions around identity and ways to represent themselves,” said Bradley Horowitz, a vice president of product who works on Google Plus. “We want to be as inclusive as possible while still ensuring the integrity of the system and the community.” Source: NYTimes


Like vs Plus One

Like is Facebook’s vote system and +1 is Google Plus’ vote system. So far like is more popular and some users just uses +1 through Google Search.
Even if Google implemented their social network directly in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and heavily advertising it, people are still not ready to move to Google Plus.

Privacy Policy

It seems that Google Plus is more friendly when it comes to users privacy. For example,

about collecting and sharing mobile/phone numbers Google Plus said:

We do not share personal information with companies, organizations and individuals outside of Google unless one of the following circumstances apply: With your consent, With domain administrators, For external processing, For legal reasons (More information here)

On other side, Facebook privacy policy is 6 times longer and as someone said, you need a lawyer to understand it fully. Here is one quote from Facebook’s privacy policy:

While you are allowing us to use the information we receive about you, you always own all of your information. Your trust is important to us, which is why we don’t share information we receive about you with others unless we have:
  • received your permission;
  • given you notice, such as by telling you about it in this policy; or
  • removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it. (More information here)

Also by the way, this infographic might help you understand how both social networks works when it comes to privacy.

Facebook = fun, Google Plus = business

It seems that Google Plus is meant for business and for serious users who are not gonna use website for wasting time but for making connections, meetings and deep discussions. Even if Google Plus isn’t meant and made in that way, that’s how users are perceiving it.

Facebook got apps, groups and fan pages (a lot of pages with funny and interesting pictures), poke system and whatnot. Also what Facebook makes Facebook are famous relationship statutes which are taken so serious and deep.

If you have ever seen that someone changed their relationship status, you might see a lot of comments below on that topic (with cheering or comforting words)

On other side, I changed my relationship just for sake of testing and guess what – nothing happened except Google Plus changed my relationship status in profile page. My friends can’t see latest changes on my profile nor on other way get informed on my relationship statues (unless they go manually and check my profile page).


It’s clear that if you want nobody let see your status, just post it on Google Plus.

Wall posting

You can’t post on walls on Google Plus. At least I didn’t discover a way to do so, so far.


But what if…

Google+ doesn’t even care if you never come back after you sign-up.

“…baking identity into all of our products…you’ll have better, more relevant search results and ads.”

– Larry Page said. Probably what matters to Google is biographical information, so they can serve you better ads.

Anyways, there is enough Facebook and Google+ alternatives you could try.

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