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Distribution Of Clicks On Google’s SERP

Eldin / September 17, 2014

Distribution of clicks on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page – page that shows results for given keywords) is a simply percentage of clicks on each of results. The more your site closer is to the top, the more clicks will get.

Here is chart I made which shows how much clicks you should expect depending on position, but also this study can’t apply to every type of website. Different websites, different group of people.

As you can see chart looks something like this:

1st position – get about 34% but that could be a lot more. It could be between 34% and 99%. If users search for something they are familiar already, most likely they will click on first result.

2nd position – 24% is not bad click distribution and probably is good competition to first website listed on Google SERP.

The more visitor is scrolling down, the most likely he couldn’t find information on first 2 page results.

First 5 results will get visitor’s fully attention and if you are below that, you have very small chances that visitor will click at your website in SERP.

10th position click distribution is about 1-2%.

You can affect this by changing your title. To raise click distribution you can use some marketing tricks to attract visitors. For example:

  • Change title to something more attractive. If you wrote posts about couple of best WordPress plugins you could use title something like this: 10 WordPress Plugins You Must Have
  • First word(s) in title should be your keyword(s)
  • Also good title examples are catchy title that noone could resist, like: See How I Got 33 980 Number Of Visitors
  • Get (Insert Something Here) For Free NOW! is also good title if you want to share something. When sharing comes to, also good title would be something like – Free Offer Only Today
  • You can combine those titles and find what works best for you
  • Just be careful and don’t change meaning of titles a lot, since you could loose few ranks from Google. Title plays a big role in Google’s searches.
  • Keep title short but informative
  • Write short and catchy descriptions. If you want to get users attention, don’t write descriptions longer than 5-7 words.

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