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Eldin / November 30, 2014

You probably know what SEO means but if you don’t, here is short definition:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website by adapting your content to search engines and building links which “vote” for your website improving visibility and popularity of your website.

You should know that there are two ways to optimize your website. You can optimize your website on-page and off-page. On-page means adapting your posts, content, images and services located on your website. Off-page means bulding links, promoting your website on social networks and directories.

On-page SEO

I will talk about more on-page SEO in this post. Since this is tutorial on how to SEO optimize your website for beginners, I will be more detailed.

So basically if you want to optimize your website, first what you need to have is great quality, unique content. Textual content. The more text you have on your website, optimization will be more successful. Let’s say you have a website about sport. Your domain name is something like Now you need to optimize your website for keywords like : sport, sport magazine, football, basketball, tennis, etc.

Let me explain optimization by elements on your page.

Optimizing header

Header is located on the very top of your website. There you put logo of your website and categories. Logo should contain name of your website. For example in my case I would write on my logo Sport Magazine or Sport Mag.

Google is able to read text from images so you should take care that logo is containing one of your keywords, preferably a main one – in this case keyword sport

So my logo would be something like this:

Category names should be short and clear. If you want to make sport categories use one or two words to describe sections on your website. So I would name my categories as:

Sport News | Football | Basketball | Tennis

and every category should have its own folder. For example category Sport News is located in, category Football is located at etc.

If you are using WordPress this option can be found under Posts > Categories > Slug like on image below.

Optimizing titles

Title is next one of most important parts of optimizing your pages. You should write titles in this format:

Some Title Of Post | Sport Magazine

For example, if I’m writing about football player Dzeko is leaving Manchester United, my title should be something like this:

Dzeko Leaving Manchester United | Sport Magazine

As you can see first what should appear in title is phrase I’m writing about (since you want that phrase to rank on Gogole) and then name of your website. Keep your titles informative, direct and preferably shorter than 60 characters.

h1, h2…tags

Use h1, h2, h3 etc tags wisely. I would recommend using h1 tags only once on every page, h2 using 2-3 times and h3 more than 2-3 times. The longer posts are, the more hx tags you can use. h1 is very important and use it only once. h1 tag should be similar to your title but not exactly the same. Example of h1 tag:

Dzeko stated he might leave Manchester United

Optimizing posts and content in general

As I previously stated, you need to have enough textual content.

Your posts should be longer than 400 characters. If you are optimizing your business website, than you should add small blog section where you will write about topic related to your business. You can write at least once in a month 200-400 words long posts just to have some fresh content so Google will pay more attention to your site.

You should include here and there some picture.

Don’t put in too much of your keywords. I think that you should use same keyword maximally two times. For example if I’m writing posts about Dzeko leaving Manchester United my post should be something like this:

Today Dzeko stated that he is leaving Manchester United. He might leave because he isn’t oftenly in first time and he is mostly ignored by his trainer. Manchester United is great team but I must leave – Dzeko said…….. [some longer post]….. Balotelly stated that most likely Dzeko is Leaving Manchester United.

Don’t stuff posts with your keywords. Write naturally so your readers can be comfortable. You can also add 1-2 images to your post.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is based on promoting and link building. I would recommend to do this to promote your website if you want to get very good results:

  1. Make a Facebook fan page and promote it. In description of your Facebook page put link to your website. Google can see how many likes your fan page got and the more likes you can get, the more ranking your website will get on Google.
  2. Make twitter account and get followers. Be active and tweet links to your newest posts
  3. Comment on blogs related to your niche and write comments here and there. Don’t write tons of comments and don’t spam. Google loves naturally link bulding.
  4. Join forums related to your niche and in signature put link to your website. You should get some exposure.


Example of SEO-ed page

Here is screenshot how one SEO-ed page should look like:

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