Blog Platforms You Can Use To Blog

jeremy / December 26, 2014

Blog is abbreviation for weblog. It represent website with updated news on a daily or weekly scale. Here is list of platforms you can use to make your blogs.


This platform is very popular among bloggers. WordPress.com is free platform and offers a lot of free templates you can use for your blogging. WordPress.com is based on WordPress free CMS script and it’s very easy learn to use it. Installing and setuping blog is easy and it it’s not needed more than 5 minutes to have blog ready for blogging. WordPress.com got own social networking structure in which you can follow other blogs and give likes to other blogs, as well getting your blog liked by other WordPress users. You can’t upload plugins you want which is really unpleasant.

Blogspot.com (Blogger.com)
Blogspot is another blogging platform and it’s totally free. This platform is owned by Google and if you want to get ready SEO-optimized blog, then blogspot is right choice for you. You can use Google connect to connect with other bloggers and gain followers as well easier promote your blog. Blogspot don’t have a lot of templates as WordPress.com does but it’s still good and it’s even easier to setup it than WordPress.com’s blog. If you want to see complete comparison between Blogspot and WordPress.com please read this post. You have ready optimized widget for your blog and you can also connect AdSense with your blog which could result in making some profit.


Blog.com is another blogging platform. Blog.com is based on WordPress free CMS platfrom as well as WordPress.com is. Blog.com is, I would say, something between Blogger and WordPress.com.

It’s also totally free and you get your domain as subdomain of blog.com so URL to your blog is something like someblog.blog.com

Although, blog.com isn’t so popular platform when it comes to SEO and if you want traffic from Google, Blogspot and then WordPress.com is best solution for you.


Simple blogging platform. Not that popular but worth checking out. It’s free and it’s quite basic since this writing platform don’t have some special plugins and features to offer.


Same as blogging platform above but widely used by german speaking territories. If you want to blog in german language, you could use this platform. Not necessarily that you need to write posts on German, you can write English as well. This platform is different then we usually are seeing.


Tumblr is some kind of mini-blogging platform. Primarily it’s made for posting interesting and funny pictures you found online. You can use it as your collection of catchy pictures but also you can use it to write posts and exchange thoughts with other users.


Blog.hr is Croatian platform for blogging. You might check it as well and try it out. It’s totally free.


One more platform popular among passionate writers. Only lack is the price. 14 day free trial and then $8.95 or up to $29.95 per month. Typepad, though, offers a lot of beautiful designs, support and unlimited storage.


One more free blogging platform. Plugins are pretty basic but this platform is still popular among writers. Maybe community is reason why this platform is still widely used but not that popular as WordPress.com or Blogger are.

Squidoo is not a real blogging platform but more some kind of profile you can build there. You build profile, collect points, write about your interests and meet new friends.


Weebly is another decent free platform. It’s not necessary for building blogs, yet you can build whole websites there. Weebly offers some elements of website such as multimedia structure and flash elements. You can build your website in flash and you can build your portfolio pages. You can sign-up with Facebook and it’s often used by people who want to make free website to represent their business to the eyes of public.


This is another free blogging platform. It’s primarily made for totally tech-noobs who don’t know even how to sign-up. All you need to know is to send an e-mail at post@posterous.com and support there will help you with everything.


If you are a student- who want to write about useful stuff or a teacher who want to speak to its students, then this platform is maybe right choice for you. Just be sure that you are sharing useful and quality stuff, otherwise your blog will be removed.


Some use Facebook as blogging platform, but I wouldn’t go into details… it’s not the topic of this post.

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