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Alternative Websites Like Facebook To Stay Social

jeremy / January 5, 2015

Facebook is at the moment most popular social network and almost everybody got one account there. But from time to time, people want to see something new and something different and I made a list of popular websites beside Facebook.

Google Plus

You might heard about this one already but I had to include it in this collection. It’s very popular and especially is getting popular among webmasters, photographers and tech people. If your middle name is “webdesigner” then you should make an account there, especially because you will be able to connect your Gmail and Google Plus account.


Twitter is widely used. It’s also very popular among celebrities. Also some uses it as social bookmarking since it’s very easy to bookmark website you stumbled upon. I won’t go in details about this one and twitter is pretty much straightforward. Leave messages up to 140 characters. It’s the whole tweeting idea.


Primarily MySpace was made to connect bands with their fans. It turned into social network widely used especially by young adults.

Eharmony is responsible for nearly 5% of marriages in US today. At least they claim so. But there is one problem. It’s not free. It’s not real harmony for those with short pocket. It’s network in which you can check out profiles and surf through pages but if you want to communicate with certain person, you have to pay. This is mainly dating website.

This one is partially free. You can completely use this website to browse through pages for free but if you want some extra benefits, you have to pay. You can contact users and exchange messages with each other for free, which is good feature.

Social network which is primarily made to share interesting stuff you found online and it’s good Facebook alternative. You use option “pin” to add images on your board and to show publicly what interesting you found online. It’s mainly used by females.

Social network which is also free but if you want to enjoy all features – you need Unlimited account and upgrade to Unlimited costs some money. It’s dating website and it’s worth checking it out.

I think this social network was used widely before Facebook came out. Meet people, find new friends, exchange ideas. Netlog is online community for nearly 100 million of users and it’s free. This is another social website you can use beside Facebook.

Plenty of Fish

Dating website. It’s mainly made for singles who are looking for love. POF got own matching service and it’s somewhat helpful to find proper person for you. Usually on this site there is about 150 000 users online in every moment. It’s free and primarily made for dating.

Social network made for meeting new people. Tagged got over 100 million users. You can sign up with Facebook. This social network is free.

Free online dating website. Site is very good and OKCupid offers “quickmatch” feature which may help you to find your loved one based on your interests and profile.

Relatively new dating website. It’s totally free.

Very complete alternative to Facebook with arround 117 million of users.

Path is more some kind of mobile app to stay online and connected with your friends and close family.

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