A Few Tips to Find the Best SEO Company

jeremy / June 26, 2015

You may think you know all there is to know about SEO, but you may still find that you need to bring in a professional to get it right. Indeed, simply knowing about SEO isn’t sufficient to actually manage it. Furthermore, it is unlikely that you have enough time to run a business as well as managing your SEO efforts. Hence, it is often better to bring in a professional SEO company to help you out.

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SEO is about optimizing every single element of your website. Additionally, it has to be maintained on a near daily basis. SEO is not something you quickly do and then leave behind you. It requires continuous effort and time. This is why you should consider bringing someone in to do it for you, as there literally are only so many hours in a day.

SEO is big business, which means that there are thousands of companies out there that could help you. Many of these are absolutely fantastic, others are simply hoping to trick their way into business. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you find the best service out there for you.

Site Evaluation

A good SEO company should be able to analyze your site as it stands, regardless of its current ranking or how it has been designed. They will do this through a website audit. It is the result of this audit that will tell the SEO company how much they should quote you for the work that they are able to do for you. The audit should show what sort of performance issues you currently have, where your content flaws lie and what elements of your design need rethinking. Getting these things wrong makes it harder for a site to be indexed and read.

Keyword Tools

Next, you need to look into the tool the SEO company uses to determine keywords. Some work by making you choose keywords and analyzing these competitively. Others will suggest keywords to you. Others still do both. What matters is that you understand their methodology and that you understand why they choose that specific method. This is one element that you can be strongly involved in yourself by checking Google AdWords, for instance.

All about Backlinks

You also need to find out where the return links the SEO company will give you come from. These are often the most vital element of optimization, above and beyond onsite optimization. So, you need to be sure that they can give you high quality backlinks and that these come from sites that are related to you. Also find out who the SEO company finds backlinks.

The Cost

Finally, there is the price. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free in today’s society. And the reality is also that good SEO does not come cheap. At the same time, it shouldn’t cost you the earth either. Rather, you should be able to see a significant return on investment through the increase in conversions and traffic to your website.

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