8 Tips for Creating a Business Slogan that Rocks

jeremy / June 26, 2018

Top business slogans are those that rock and memorable. They make a lot of difference when it comes to branding the business. Overall, slogans are intended to make the customers feeling a certain way. An ideal motto doesn’t describe the traits of a product.

For instance, Coca-Cola’s slogan “Open Happiness,” BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” and Nike’s “Just Do It” are so legendary that they’ve been acknowledged as best practices in the marketing world.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 8 tips for creating a business slogan, which is also called “tagline” that truly rocks.

First, use only a few simple and catchy words.

The more familiar the words, the better, as the public would likely be able to relate to them. They must be catchy and straightforward, not “hidden” and “overly sophisticated.” Average business slogans of Fortune 500 companies are of 3 to 4 words in length.

Second, clearly include vital benefits and how the product makes people feel.

Leave a lasting impression. For this, you can dump a list of words in a brief passage that describes the product. You can trim the words later for conciseness and clarity.

Third, consider the logo when developing the slogan.

The logo represents the product, which should be considered together. You want the logo and the slogan to fit with each other and match aesthetically when they’re printed together.

Fourth, always sound honest and never claim things that can’t be backed up.

You want the business to be trustworthy and reputable, just from reading the slogan. Here is a long list of S&P 500 companies’ slogans to be inspired from. Every slogan sounds honest and straightforward.

Fifth, focus on what makes your product different from the competitors.

Whenever possible, use the product as an inspiration. Pay close attention to what makes it different and outstanding. Compare with competitors for better understanding.

Sixth, make sure that it can stand alone and still be recognized.

Whenever you heard “just do it,” you’d immediately associate this slogan with Nike. Making sure that a slogan can stand alone and still get recognized would take creativity and consistency. It may take many drafts to find one that works as intended.

Seventh, be consistent in using them in any occasion.

Use the slogan together with the logo or by itself. Either way, stay consistent from the start. This being said, don’t create several slogans and use them interchangeably. An ideal business only has one slogan that’s used exclusively and consistently. If you haven’t found a catchy business name, use a generator for this purpose.

Eighth, use a slogan generator.

If you don’t hire a professional copywriter or an ad writer, consider using a slogan generator. You need to type in the focus word, which is the one noun or verb that describes the product or the business well. For instance, a watch business owner may type in “time” in the “generate slogan” text box. This business slogan generator tool will come up with 1,076 computer-generated slogans for inspiration.

At last, creating a business slogan that fits your business may take time and creativity. However, once you’ve come up with a memorable one, it would serve as a valuable branding instrument.

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