5 Tips to Staying Safe at Online Casinos

jeremy / April 19, 2017

Playing at online casinos is a good way of spending your free time and it is a fun, rewarding and convenient way of possibly winning some serious cash prizes. Playing at legitimate New Jersey online casinos offers you several benefits, but the downside is that due to their popularity, unscrupulous casinos are rapidly making their way into the Internet. Such casinos are out there for one purpose – to scam people out their hard-earned cash.

Therefore, it is important for players to learn what signs they should be on the lookout for. However, how can you tell the bad from the good? This is not always easy, but there are a few telltale signs that most safe online casinos have, these include the following.


If you want to find out if an online casino is fair and safe, you should see if they have a gaming license issued by the country from where they are based. Licensed companies are more likely to make this information public; a lack of such licensing information should trigger warning bells. In most cases, the licensing information is usually found on the “About Us” page or in the footer of the website.

Software by Reputable Developers

Online casinos are not allowed to develop their own gaming software so as to prevent a possibility of a casino fixing games to their advantage. Instead, the games are created by developers in the online casino industry to ensure that the games are fair and the numbers generated are truly random. Any site that wants to host the games has to adhere to the software providers’ high standards.

A reputable gaming software developer would never associate itself with rogue casinos that may portray their products as bad. Some of the most popular game developers with stringent requirements include Betsoft, IGT, NetEnt and Microgaming.

Bad Online Reviews

The Internet is a wonderful and versatile tool that you can use to search for anything about everything, simply by typing a few words in the search bar. Most people use reviews on websites where information is posted and rated on anything including restaurants, hotels, customer service, retail establishments, medical practices such as Riverside Medical Group, and much more. Searching for online casino reviews helps you find out what websites or platforms receive regular bad reviews.

A bad review here and there is not bad. What you should be watching out for is a continuous flow of bad reviews, which is a huge warning sign that you should stay away from that particular online casino.

Responsible Gambling Policies

While most gamblers practice responsible gambling, there are those that have a problem. When looking to play online casinos, check to see if the website has put in the necessary measures to encourage responsible gambling. Some of the information you should expect to see include support for problem gamblers, age verification, and self-exclusion features. Even if you do not have any problem associated with gambling, the information is critical to you as it is also a sign that you are dealing with a respectable platform operator.

Various Banking Options

Always pick an online casino that offers you several secure banking options. SSL technology can make your debit and credit card transactions secure, while several eWallet services can be of greater security purposes for handling transactions between the casino and your bank.

Can you trust playing at online casinos? Short answer, yes; as long as you have followed the guidelines above and used logic as well as common sense, there is no reason why you should not profit from a safe, secure, fun and rewarding experience in the comfort of your home. However, always read through the terms and conditions before you make a deposit or bet money to reduce your chances of losing what you can barely afford.

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