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5 Reasons Grandma Needs a Smartphone

jeremy / April 8, 2015

Is a smartphone right for your grandma? A lot of grandmas already know the value of a smartphone. Smartphones have dozens of uses, are convenient to carry, and have large screens for easy reading. They’re fun and very reliable. Here are five big reasons your grandma could use a smartphone.


1. Emergencies


Smartphones are great in an emergency. If the car breaks down, Grandma can look up a repair service and call for a tow truck, all on the smartphone. In case of a sudden illness or a fall, she can dial 911 immediately. There’s no need to pay for an expensive medical alert system with a smartphone in her pocket. Nowadays, Grandma and everyone else shouldn’t think about going out without a smartphone.


2. Directions


She can get directions on a smartphone. If Grandma takes a wrong turn on the way to the new mall, that’s no problem. She can quickly get re-oriented with google maps. Better yet, she can use the gps app and get there without a hitch. People are much safer drivers when they know where they’re going, and the smartphone can save a lot of slowing down and turning around.


3. Weather


Grandma is a little sensitive to the weather, and she doesn’t like the cold at all. With the smartphone she can get the forecast any time and know just what to wear. This is actually healthier. It’s not good to get a chill that could lead to a cold.


4. Stay Connected


Grandma can keep in touch with her kids and grandkids. With Facebook, emails, and texts, she can know what’s going on with the family all the time. This is especially good if Grandma lives alone and doesn’t live near much family. She can communicate with them every day with a smartphone. Getting and sending emails and texts and seeing grandchild pictures on Facebook will make each day more cheerful.


5. Entertainment


The smartphone is great entertainment. Grandma can read books, listen to music, and watch videos. Just about any book, music, or video she could want is available through the internet on the smartphone. Grandma can also check out the news and sports and stay up on current events. She might even develop major skills at Angry Birds!


A smartphone and a service like wireless is a great investment for Grandma. She’ll get hours of enjoyment out of it and be safer and more engaged at the same time. And Grandmas like to be cool, too!

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