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4 Ways to Improve Link Building

jeremy / June 11, 2015

Online advertising has undergone significant changes in the last decade, so you might find it difficult to keep up. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a strong online presence is making sure that links located on and leading to your website work properly. As you make plans to improve your website, incorporate sound link building strategies.

Emailing Links

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When you send emails to customers, readers, and potential clients, make sure to check and double-check the links. If you send correspondence with broken or faulty links, your clients won’t be able to access the content you wanted to share. As a result, readership of future emails may decrease and you waste time and money sending emails that don’t benefit your business.

Learning to employ correct link building practices ensures that web searches list the pages on your website. Inserting correct links into emails, social media posts, and other public missives makes a great start. In addition to attracting links with your content, create your own links through email and social media marketing.

Shareable Content

When website visitors read engaging, interesting content, they share it with their friends and their own audiences. Shareable content inspires readers to take action. If just a few people share an image or post from your site, the number of people who eventually see that content increases drastically in just minutes. Infographics and other visually appealing posts are more shareable than articles because most users want to see information quickly instead of scanning through a text-heavy post for an enticing tidbit.  

Analyze Competitors

When you create content and include keywords, keep track of which keywords your visitors use to find each page to determine which prove most effective. Employ analytics programs that generate reports to show what keywords others are using for similar products or services, too. Use this data to make sure your keywords align with the searches visitors conduct to get to competitors’ websites. You may also realize that some of the keywords you are currently using aren’t actually offering much benefit, so you can make changes as needed.

Guest Posts

Another way to increase traffic to your website is to start a guest posting campaign. If the guest poster has a strong following of fans, they will often follow him or her wherever the content is available. When you upload the content to your website, be sure to look for ways to add links and lead customers to other areas on the website. The best way to employ this strategy is to seek out bloggers who already possess a following, then work closely with the blogger to make sure the post is both interesting and corresponds with the content of your website.

Link building is an important part of developing a website that people will want to visit. Any time you generate advertising content that leads people back to your site, make sure to include links that are easy to access. As a result, it becomes much simpler for potential clients to get to your site without having to perform a separate web search.

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