3 Excel Tips and Tricks to Impress Your Boss

jeremy / February 13, 2018

Whatever job you do, if it involves working with computers then there’s a very good chance that Microsoft Excel is a piece of software you’re familiar with. From sales forecasts to employee information, businesses of all kinds use Excel to store, organise and format their data.

But despite its widespread use, few employees receive any formal training in how to use Excel, and most are what you might describe as ‘self-taught’. And, as a result, most of us aren’t using the software to its full potential, or we’re spending endless hours on manual data entry that could be done in a much quicker and easier manner.

So, to help you impress your boss the next time you’re asked to do something in Excel, here are a few quick tips and tricks to make you look like a spreadsheet specialist:

  1. Select all

Still dragging over every cell with the mouse to select an entire sheet? Next time, just hit CTRL + A to select everything in a sheet.

  1. Add new rows

Most people will add a new row via right click > add new row, but this can become tedious if you have lots of rows to add. Instead, use shift + space to select a row, followed by CTRL + + to quickly insert a new row – much quicker if you have lots to add!

  1. Extend formula

Have you ever noticed the little black square in the corner of a cell? That’s called the ‘cell handle’, and it’s an extremely useful feature. If you’ve typed in a formula and you want to include it in other cells, rather than retyping or copying and pasting, just grab the cell handle and drag it to the cells you want to include, and the formula will be added to all of them. It can also be used to input text information if you want to duplicate what you’ve typed across a whole row or column.

If you’re eager for more time-saving Excel tips, then head over to STL and check out their How To Excel at Excel infographic for lots more!

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